Meghan Markle, a former American actress recently married Prince Harry of the British Royal Family to become the Duchess of Sussex.


The former Hollywood star has become a member of one of the most powerful families on earth.


It is an honor for Meghan and to her now belongs all the privileges of British royalty – wealth, fame, prestige, etc.


But her life will henceforth be affected in many other ways. She is now subject to the protocols of the British Royal Family.


While outdoors, she’ll always have security men around, she won’t sign autographs anymore, won’t wear skimpy Hollywood-style dresses anymore, can’t make public appearances (even on social media) anyhow; she already closed down her personal website last year, and of course, she’s set aside her movie career.


She gladly gave up these other things to become a member of the British Monarchy. She traded her career to become the Duchess of Sussex!


There is a decorum that is becoming of royalty, and without question, Meghan knows she has to have that decorum as the Duchess of Sussex.


This is very simple to understand and reasonable to all people the world over.


Now, the Bible says in no uncertain terms that if we are born of God, we’ve been married out of the world into the family (or kingdom) of God through faith in Jesus Christ.


And that we are to live and conduct ourselves in a manner that befits the new family to which we now belong.


But some people say NO! That our behavior, comportment and appearance really don’t matter or matter very little because they are not what saves us.


Yes, the disciplines of British royalty are not what made Meghan a member of it, but now that she belongs there by marriage, she will have to live by the age-old traditions of the British monarchy. It’s not optional, it is a MUST! She knows it and has accepted it with all pleasure.


Heaven has a protocol and it is HOLINESS. Holiness is purity of heart, integrity of action and decorum in appearance. You are not recognized in the kingdom of God if you have no regard for Heaven’s protocol.


If you name the Name of Christ, your language, dressing, attitude, spirit, demeanor and all should reflect Christ or you are not walking worthy of Him who has called you unto His eternal kingdom and glory.


Make no mistakes about this and let no man deceive you. Some of the people who profess faith in Christ will be shocked when they finally find that Christ never even knew them.


God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Everyone who confesses the Name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness” (2 Tim. 2:19).


If you profess Christ, you also MUST follow the protocol in Christ. Shalom!


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