The Faculty of Education in the Cross River University of Technology, Calabar Campus officially announces to the general public that the number of departments in the faculty have been increased to 6. Prior to the few numbers they had which affected the productivity of the Institution in regards to the faculty of Education, the increased number is believed to increase the productivity rate in regards to the faculty of Education. The 6 new departments now include:

  1. Library studies dept.
  2. Guidance & Counselling department.
  3. Vocational department is now sub-divided into (Business Education & Technical Education).
  4. EAP Department.
  5. Educational Science Department.
  6. Elementary Education Department.
  1. Educational Psychology.
  2. Educational Philosophy.
  • Educational Sociology.

Additionally, Dr. Okon Osang of the same faculty has just been confirmed a Professor; even as the Institution resumes educational activities on the 25th of June, 2018.




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