An agreement between the Spanish authorities and the advisors of the Portuguese footballer, still has to be ratified and will likely come with a two-year jail term.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to pay the Spanish taxman 18.8 million euros ($20 million) to settle a tax fraud claim, reportedly.

However, Spanish law states that a sentence of two years and under for a first offence can be served under probation, meaning that the Real Madrid player would not serve any jail time unless he reoffended during that timeframe.


Ronaldo, is accused of evading €14.7m [£12.8] , and denied all allegations when he appeared in Spanish court last summer. But as part of the deal, Ronaldo is reported to have pleaded guilty to the offences and agreed to pay back the alleged evaded fee of €5.7m, plus additional fines and interest.


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