The Story of Santa Claus


The story of Santa Claus🎅🏻 begins with St. Nicholas 🙏who was a Bishop living in Turkey around 4⃣th century AD. He had a rich 💰inheritance from his parents and is known for his generosity in giving gifts🎁to poor people. According to one legend, he slipped bags of gold💰 down the chimney of a poor man who did not have money to marry his 3⃣ daughters. Though he was later exiled😥, his stories were told around the world🌍. In the UK he became known as ‘Father Christmas’,in Germany ‘Christ Kind’ and in the US ‘Kris Kringle.’ The early Dutch settlers in the US changed the name of Kris Kringle to Sinterklas or as people now say Santa Claus… though at this point no one cares, they just want the presents🎁‼


Check out this rock version of the old Santa Claus carol Here

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