The course of rebellion against God may be very gradual, but it increases in rapidity as you progress in it. The moment you begin to roll down the hill of your consecration and convictions, it is only a hundred to one escapes landing in the valley of apostasy, and at last, the pits of hell.


When Satan cannot catch us with what we commonly know as big sins (fornication, murder, robbery, abortion, etc.), he tries the ones we believe are the little ones (jealousy, envy, pride, doubts, etc.).

It does not matter to him what bait he uses as long as he catches his unsuspecting prey.

If a person’s conscience let’s him do A, he is likely to do B, C, D, E and very soon makes it a habit.

Beware, therefore, of the first beginnings of backsliding; for once you begin the downward journey, there is no telling where you will stop.



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