Being civilized goes beyond just saying it, a lot more is involved and these 16 rules have been carefully selected and put down to spot some things that we’ve been doing wrong.


1. Don’t call someone more than twice continuously. If they don’t pick up your calls, that means they

have something more important to attend to, or they are not near their phones at that time.


2. When your colleague/ classmate/ team-mate, neighbour, gets shouted at, please don’t stare at them. It makes the moment twice awkward.


3. When someone drops something on the floor by mistake, drops food from the plate or doesn’t know how to use a knife/fork don’t stare at them. The same goes to people sneezing, coughing or even letting out an uncontrollable fart. They are all involuntary actions.

4. Always skip using the washroom beside the occupied one. It makes it uneasy for the person in the occupied washroom as well as yourself, if you occupy the one right next to theirs.

5. Return money that you have borrowed even before the other person remembers that he lent it to you, be it any amount; even a cent or a million. It shows your integrity and character. Same goes with borrowed umbrellas, pens, lunch boxes or any other item you borrow.


6. Never order the expensive dish on the menu when someone is treating you to lunch/dinner. If

possible, ask them to order their choice of food for you.


7. Don’t ask awkward questions like, ‘Oh, so you aren’t married yet?’ Or ‘Don’t you have kids?’ or ‘Why

didn’t you buy a house?’ it can embarrass or

devastate the person. Have common sense!


8. When someone makes a wrong investment and loses their money, don’t add fuel to the flames by

saying ‘I knew this would happen. You should have listened to me’. Don’t make failure seem worse for anyone.


9. Always open the door for the person coming behind you. It doesn’t matter if it is a male or a female. You

don’t grow small by treating someone well in public or by being kind.


10. Wear ear phones when travelling on a subway, car or bus. Don’t make others taste your choice of

good/bad music. Don’t put them through the pain of listening to music under compulsion, no matter

how good you think the song or sound is. Always assume they are not in the mood for it.

11. Don’t visit anyone/knock on people’s doors unannounced, irrespective of how close, younger or

junior they are to you. Call them up and have an appointment, some days or at least a day to your

visit, except it is an unavoidable emergency, that probably involves a one -on -one seeing and not a phone talk.

12. When you knock on someone’s door, wait for a response before going in. Knocking means, “can i come in?” and not, ” i am coming in”. Get a response from inside the house, before you know what next to do. No response? Then go back.

13. When you stretch out your hand to give or take a handshake, always, always, accompany it with a smile and a direct look into the otherperson’s eyes. Make your handshake firm, especially for guys.


14. Try to chew your food with your mouth closed. If you don’t learn this in the privacy of your home, you will surely forget it when you are eating in public. To the utmost disgust of others who have to listen to you chew.


15. Always go out with an handkerchief. With the prevalence of air borne diseases and germs, the least you could do for yourself is cover your mouth when you yawn and sneeze. In as much you don’t want to pick up something new, you should also not spread some of yours.


16. The most important one! Don’t swipe left or right when someone hands over their phone to you for viewing a particular picture, except he /she permits you to. And also, don’t browse through their

messages and call lists. People’s phones and the contents are their private property. Learn to respect that. Thanks for being civil.


“These are the true traits of being educated”

If you are guilty of more than three of them, then you need to work on yourself

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