God has never failed anybody, this is because he can’t just fail. When we check his records, we find out that no one has ever trusted in him and be put to shame.

I was once worrying about everything that is not going right about my life (like most people do), till God approached me one day in a trance and told me;

“You worry so much because you’ve forgotten that i am your Lawyer, i can’t lose any case.

I’m your Doctor, i can heal all manner of diseases.

I’m your guard, i’ll never let any harm come near you.

I’m the righteous Judge, and i will always pass judgement on them that come against you.

I’m the great Provider, you can never lack.

I’m the Mighty Man in battle, i will always give you victory.


He also said;

You carry that burden because you don’t want to lay it down at my feet.
If i could make Abraham and Sarah have children at old age, then how long it has been doesn’t matter.
If i could give life to dry bones, then i can bring hope when all hope is lost.
If i could make an Axe-head float in water, then i can recover whatever that is lost.
If i could make David kill Goliath, then no challenge can swallow you up.
If i could make the Israelites cross the red sea on dry land, then i will always make a way even when there is no way.
If i could die for your sins, then know there’s no height of sin i cannot forgive.
If i could use Saul(Paul), a killer, and make him one of the greatest Apostles ever; then i can use you.


This goes to anyone out there in doubts, no matter how bad the situation is; hear the voice of God today saying, “Be still and know that i am God”.


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