A controversial Philippines mayor who gained notoriety for parading people arrested on drug offences was shot and killed by a sniper at a flag-raising ceremony at Tanauan City Hall Monday morning. Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili was killed by a single shot to the chest from an unknown assailant, Police Superintendent Renato Mercado said, in a hit captured on video which showed scenes of panic seconds after the shot was fired.


In the video, Halili is seen standing in a line with government employees as the flag is raised and those in attendance sing the national anthem. As the camera strays to film another group, a single shot rings out, followed by screams and a woman’s voice, saying “oh my God” in English. While the victim is not seen on camera after the shot is fired, the content of the video could be upsetting to some viewers.


The mayor’s security returned fire, causing panic as government officials and staff ran for cover. Gerry Laresma, the government employee who shot the video, told PNA it wasn’t clear where the shot had originated. He said Halili had received death threats because of his strong anti-crime push.


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