Ecclesiastes 10:15The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city.

Hard work alone does not guarantee success. Neither does vision alone guarantee success. Working without a clear goal, vision or target is meaningless activity. It leads to weariness. While work inspired by a clear vision or goal leads to meaningful accomplishment. It gives inner joy, a sense of progress, satisfaction and fulfillment. The fulfillment of any vision requires the diligent application of relevant facts and principles strategically towards the accomplishment of your specified objective. Success always requires a strategy.


  1. Whatever you do in life, clarify your vision, goal or target.
  2. Define your strategy. Set up a plan that will help you reach that goal. A plan is a written roadmap for accomplishing your goal.
  3. Seek all the counsel you can get from those who have gone ahead of you.
  4. Diligently and consistently apply the principles and knowledge you gathered.
  5. Measure your progress by creating a system of feedback.
  6. Constantly upgrade your knowledge and your skills.
  7. Intentionally associate with people who challenge you become better and do better.
  8. Appreciate God for every little progress.
  9. Recognize God as your Senior Partner.
  10. Determine to follow through with the process and you will reach your goal.


Courtesy: Pst Nnamdi Emmanuel


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