We desire the fire of the Holy Ghost in our individual lives, but the question is, ‘How ready are you for it?’

Jesus, was baptized by John, he was not the only one to be baptized, but there is something about him at that point, he was focused on what he wanted. What about the other people that were baptized? He knew that he has come to the life changing point and cannot go home without getting what he wanted. After he got it, he went straight into the wilderness and groomed it with fasting and prayers. The power became unveiled, that even the Devil knew there is trouble. We might say its because he’s the son of God and the time was ripe for him, but that’s a big lie, he worked for it.


Most Christians today are willing, but are unprepared for what they claim to need. The power comes, and goes because you cannot receive what you cannot accommodate. God is like a businessman, he must gain, his assets must be protected.

Don’t you know that what you cannot expect, you cannot receive? Many expect less, they expect God to know what they want and how they want it. He knows that, but how prepared is the inner man?

God does not help the hopeless, he only helps the helpless. If you pray and watch without expecting, nothing will happen. Nothing is regarded to be too much in the spiritual. If you can desire it, you can get it.


When Jesus got to the River, he focused on heaven for Impartation, when last did you look into heaven for Impartation? How focused are you? Like i did, did you start struggling with your prayer life? What are you doing about it? Did you experience a certain level in insatisfaction in you and got yourself back to the secret room?

Make haste today, go back to the place of communion with the father, the time you have now might be the last you’ll have.



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