Fatherly words is what we all desire for the purposes of motivation, advice, encouragement, correction, and many others. These words from these 6 great men have been put together for the purposes of the building of the inner man.

It goes thus:

1) E.A. ADEBOYE: Humility is not stupidity or mediocrity. You can live in humility, purity and prosperity at the same time.

2) W.F.KUMUYI: Holiness is not a big deal but the real deal. And holiness is never an excuse for poverty. You can be richly holy.

3) DAVID O OYEDEPO:  Faith is a risk you must continue to take if you must continue to be a burden to none and a lift to others.

4) DR. D.K. OLUKOYA: In the school of destiny discovery, recovery and fulfilment, everyone is a fighter, consciously or unconsciously. You have to fight against something if you must be anything in life.

5) PAUL ENENCHE: You don’t have to be big in stature to dare big project. You don’t need a big stature to make big impact. All you need is God’s grace, big heart and right mentality.


6) DAVID IBIYEOME: You cannot experience divine enlargement on every side until you enlarge your mind set. And nothing will move until you make the move.


Food for the Soul.


  1. Reduce Food.
  2. Reduce Sleep.
  3. Reduce Talks.
  4. Reduce Movies.
  5. Reduce Sugar.
  6. Remove Grudges.
  7. Remove Self display.
  8. Remove Lust.
  9. Remove Darkness.
  10. Remove Distractions.
  11. Be Holy.
  12. Be Happy.
  13. Be Honest.
  14. Be Thankful.
  15. Be Simple.
  16. Increase Praying.
  17. Increase Study (WORD).
  18. Increase Exercise.
  19. Increase Fasting.
  20. Increase Giving.


  1. Be Disciplined.
  2. Be Sober.
  3. Be Humble.
  4. Be Timely.
  5. Be Faithful.
  6. Be Positive.
  7. Be Ready.
  8. Be Sensitive.
  9. Be Anointed.
  10. Be Peaceful.
  11. Always Smile.
  12. Always Retreat.
  13. Always Remember.
  14. Always Practice.
  15. Always Learn.
  16. Restrict Movement.
  17. Receive Counsel.
  18. Engage Wisdom.
  19. Resist the Devil.
  20. Avoid sin.

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