Artsit: Cardi B
Album: Invasion of Privacy
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Release Date: 6th April, 2018.
Cardi B Invasion of Privacy Album Review From  1604ent . com

Everyone who knows Cardi B or listens to her music can attest to the fact that she is never daunted towards achieving her goal. All these were encapsulated in her discretion on social media platforms but giving us little sneak peeks as well at the same time. Cardi B is well known for spitting out the truth and facts; just how it is. One can say that she doesn’t have a filter and she also confirmed it on Get up 10 which is the first song on the album. In her words she says “I started speaking my mind and tripled my views/ Real bitch, only thing fake is the boobs”.

  1. “Get Up 10”

This song is about Cardi B reminiscing about her past. Starting the album with it all out in the open. There are hints of Meek. You can feel that piercing passion peaking. BOOM! NOW WE COOKING. You have to lose your entire mind when this comes on. Straight Bronx boost as she is rapping with her chest out. From reflective raps to unapologetic shit talk. Cardi B released this album just to let all her naysayers hear this message loud and clear before taking their necks off.. This was a rush. No intro should have so much fire. There was so much fire in this.

  1. “Drip” Ft. Migos

Cardi’s ad-lib game is very addictive. Migos as usual did justice to this song. It’s like they always find a way of being unapologetically themselves. “Drip” could’ve been a song on Culture II, but it’s amazing how Cardi brings a refreshing energy to the trio. There’s so much this foursome can achieve together and they sound dangerously good. Takeoff said he’s giving out wet willies even though he’s a grown man. Your favorite could never be as childish and somehow still cool. Quarterback Quavo. This is a really solid contribution. When Quavo is in his Ziploc all is right in the world. A nice, light banger.

  1. “Bickenhead”

This is beautiful. This is going to be the song in every woman’s Snapchat and Instagram video for the remainder of spring/summer 2018. Every gym playlist is about to have half this album on it; already calling it. Cannot believe it took this long for such a great flip of “Chickenhead.”. Every line is an Instagram caption or a Twitter quote. Cardi might be a genius for this one. So simple, yet so effective. Three songs strong.

  1. “Bodak Yellow”

Bodak Yellow came out as a single in 2017 and it was a hit; it is still a hit. It has an irresistible bounce as Cardi’s verses were flawless. “Bodak Yellow” is one of those songs that you can’t resist but to rap to. So many lines just hit the bulls’ eye. She talks about her prowess as a woman and as usual, she aggressively graceful.

  1. “Be Careful”
  1. “Best Life” Ft. Chance The Rapper

It is far more rewarding when you don’t know what’s coming. This is how an announced album can still be a surprise party. Chance sounded like melodic money. There was the Pac homage, the Tom and Jerry line. References to Tupac, Lil Caesar, and Tom and Jerry all back to back, this music was snatched. She also referenced the Twitter hate, Cardi was ready. This hook “NICE FLOW CHANCELLOR, Chance Malfoy the way he slithered around the pocket”. Pep talks from Beyoncé!? What does that even sound like? Probably like getting positive reinforcement from God himself. She admits she exposed herself to the world. She is hip-hop’s Cinderella

  1. “I Like It” Ft. Bad Bunny & J. Balvin

She turned a classic into a trap anthem. This song is ridiculously amazing. No one would have ever imagined this song of all songs would be flipped into a rap record. Cardi is putting on a backboard breaker performance. Oh, this is going to be big and though they are not so popular Bad Bunny and J Balvin made this song drip sauce. The vibe is so much fun. The tongue rolls makes Global Cardi is a force to be reckoned with. A song this fun is guaranteed to be huge.


  1. “Ring” Ft. Kehlani

A little slower than the last few records. It’s the R&B trap bounce. Cardi is digging into some man who isn’t acting right. She also features the sensational Kehlani into her work. Her voice is fine, she fits this song, it’s solid, and there’s definitely radio promise, but there’s just not a lot she brings to the table. Someone will love it, though.

  1. “Money Bag”

This beat is strange it feels like it’s a robot dispensing way too much coffee. Terrible, terrible chords. Cardi is doing great but I bet you’d feel like you’re at a robotics show. This flow. “Money Bag” has “Bodak Yellow” sounds like exotic flavoring. She also gave homage to rapper Plies. Cardi probably loves Florida rap. It is unfortunate that such an amazing song has been ruined by the worst beat off the album

  1. “Bartier Cardi” Ft. 21 Savage

Cardi b has a thing for clichés and phrases and that’s why her music is always fun especially in this particular music. Hopefully she doesn’t try to make that Offset flip ever again, though. The first verse begins with her being her own hype-woman.  Clearly shows that it doesn’t have to be complicated for a verse to bang. She features bad boy 21 Savage who doesn’t really sound excited but he does kill it. The only annoyance in this song was her use of Offset’s name a lot but the song came out perfectly great.

  1. “She Bad” Ft. YG

This song would definitely erupt in the strip club. Close your eyes and envision the dollars raining down. She actually threw shots at women with ass shots. This album is hilariously fun. “Tell RiRi I need a threesome’ if this lyric turns into a video, it would totally break the internet.. YG is a great rapper but the hook was the only contribution he needed to make up. YG’s verse was unnecessary. Regardless, clubs are going to go crazy.

  1. “Thru Your Phone”

This comes off as a slower record and has kept a consistent tempo. It hasn’t overstayed its welcome yet. She totally went hard on the first verse. This is another anthem that will be taking over a social media caption near you. Yep. Women and their cheating men are about to have this one going to the top of Twitter’s Billboard charts. Cardi’s got a song for every woman.

  1. “I Do” fF. SZA

Rnb singer SZA was featured in this one and it might actually be a smash. She sounds like pure silk. Cardi and SZA vibe on an inner level it must feel like they are kindred spirits. “Pussy so good I said my own name during sex,”. That’s an amazing line and one which would be overly used on social media soon. It is safe to say that Cardi and SZA delivered on this one.

From a stripper to a rapper, we can actually say that Cardi B has done more than well for herself. Her debut album combines words of encouragement, real life stories and actually speaks to the current generation. The current rap age is filled with slurry words but she managed to be a little bit distinct and old fashioned. Her use of clichés statements are also one of the fun things we hear in the album. “I did this on my own, I made It a lane” is not only cliché but also the truth because we can actually see that Cardi B struggled to get to where she is by herself and has made a name for herself. Her style of rap has made her a force to reckon with because her personality is made up of different traits which she infuses into her music.

We can very well say that she is not just living her own ‘Real life fairytale but is also on some Binderella shit”. Cardi rocks! #InvasionOfPrivacy

The album also features Chance The Rapper, YG, Bad Bunny, Kehlani, J. Balvin and SZA. Stream it in its entirety below.

Download Cardi B Invasion of Privacy Album Zip below.



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