It is those the little things – not dramatic changes – that really make all the difference. There are, however, many outfit mistakes that men make and end up looking tacky or messy.

  1. Not Breaking out the Iron

7 Fashion Mistakes Men Shouldn't Make in 2019

Ironing clothes take a lot of time, and in busy schedules, that step often gets left out. Still, wrinkled clothes can throw off your entire image.


2. Running shoes & hiking boots as everyday wear

7 Fashion Mistakes Men Shouldn't Make in 2019

Running shoes are made for running. Hiking boots are made for people who like hiking. Some men don’t get that athletic shoes are made for athletic wear and are not substitute for casual shoes.


3. White Socks

7 Fashion Mistakes Men Shouldn't Make in 2019

Too many men spoil good looking outfits by wearing the wrong kind of socks. One of the most frequently violated rules of fashion is wearing white sports socks outside of sporting activities.

4. Not dressing for the occasion

My dress my choice syndrome? No! It is time for men to start minding their dress code at specific occasions. Don’t just wake up and decide to go, plan and make a little effort.You cannot head to the beach in a suit and tie, the same way you cannot go to an interview with a soccer jersey. Learn to dress for the occasion, it speaks a lot about you.

5. Belts with big buckles

Match the belt and pants with the formality. The belt and shoes should be of the same color (black with black, brown with brown, blue with blue, and so on).

6. Wrong Tie Length

7 Fashion Mistakes Men Shouldn't Make in 2019

This rule has very little wiggle room: The tip of your tie should rest between the top and bottom of your belt buckle (or the area a belt would be if you’re going beltless)

7. Dress Shirt Too Baggy

7 Fashion Mistakes Men Shouldn't Make in 2019

This is the ultimate rookie mistake. A dress shirt that’s too large will make you look fatter, frumpier, and stumpier. Simply put, it’s not a good look.


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