Most mourners fail in totality when it comes to funeral etiquette. Some of the things we say at funerals can cause the family of the deceased great pain in one way or another, and at that point in their life they already have enough pain so don’t add to it. Also, we might say some things that might come around to hunt us later in the future (Don’t forget what goes around comes around)

Never say these 5 things at a funeral.

5. We are better off he’s dead

Never celebrate the death of someone. There are people who are grieving following the death. There are those who were depending on the deceased. Such remarks show that you do not care about the welfare of the living.

4. Did she/he leave you any money?

It is considered rude and inhuman of you to ask whether the deceased left behind any cash. It shows you do not care about what befell the family but money. Remember no amount of money can replace a life.

3. He’s in a better place now

Death is painful. Very few people take death lightly. Telling the family of the deceased that he is at a better place will hurt them even more. Instead, condole with them in a different manner.

2. You must be devastated

Death comes unexpectedly. When it hits on us, we become devastated in different ways. It does not make sense to ask someone how she or he feels after losing a close person in his or her life.

1. The deceased was nasty

Never be judgmental when you attend a funeral. Make sure you say these that are in line with the celebration of a life well-lived. Some of the wrong deeds of the deceased can cause drama at the funeral.

Don’t act like the three friends of job that acted foolishly! Who came to comfort but ended up condemning & citing his condition as Divine punishment(retribution) for sin!


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