Having six packs is a desire many are yet to have satisfied. Many people try everyday to have the six packs of their dreams but end up either hurting themselves, or not getting what they really desire when it comes to having six packs. Assuming you’ve been training for about 2 months, you may be over training.

Here are a list of things to be done for maximum results, follow them diligently if you want to get the six pack of your dreams.

  1. Lift weights at three times a week, not everyday.
  2. Make sure your workouts are consistent, and challenging, and give your muscles time to recover in between.
  3. Do cardio (aerobic exercises) but not too much – if you burn too many calories, you won’t have enough nutrients left for your muscle to grow.
  4. Eat well – especially a lot of protein, but not so much that your muscles will hide under the fat.
  5. Get good sleep and try not to stress. Stress hormones will inhibit growth!

These tips have been proven to be tested and trusted, and we’re sure it can work for you too. 

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