Late Chief Dr Olusola Saraki (MBBS), the father of the current Nigerian Senate President, Bukola Saraki, was once a Senate leader In the 2nd Republic Senate between 1979-1983 and a Senate committee member that indicted Buhari over the missing $2.8billion.


In 1983, When the Senate Committee late Saraki chaired was investigating the stolen $2.8 Billion, from the Coffers of NNPC Between 1977-1978, under Buhari’s watch as NNPC Boss.


Muhammadu Buhari was Indicted by the Nigerian Senate over the missing funds, as the Money was traced to his Bank accounts with British bank, Midland bank, now HSBC. Muhammdu Buhari and his Military gangs, staged the 1983 coup that ousted the Shehu Shagari-led government to cover up his indictment by Senate Committee and the Justice Ayo Irikefe panels that probed the missing 2.8 billion dollars oil money.


The late Sen Abubakar Olusola Saraki was thrown behind bars together with members of his committee and other Nigerian politicians by Maj Gen Buhari. Regrettably, the $2.8 Billion probe was swept under and the audit trail and source documents destroyed by Buhari’s Military Government.


Buhari declared himself a saint with barrel of gun, as he is aware that no one will challenge him. 32 years gone, Nigerians are still asking where has the Missing $2.8 Billion gone? The current value of $2.8billion stolen in 1970s in a simple compound interest worth over $887.25Billion.


This is bigger than the budget of all African countries in few years.




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