1. You fail to call before bed; they also never

call to check on you.

  1. You call to say good morning, they

suspiciously ask you jam questions why you

didn’t call last night.

  1. You change your Facebook relationship status

it becomes trouble.

  1. If u have a low battery and they can’t reach

your phone, they assume your with some other

girl either bonking.

  1. If you comment any nice words like sexy,

pretty, nice figure, beautiful… on another girl’s

Facebook photo, she quickly views her profile

and she can even send her a friend request. And

if you tag her in your pictures that also becomes

a problem.

  1. You take long to spend some time together,

maybe when you’re so busy Monday-Monday,

because of distance or you’re not well off, she

says you’re avoiding her or you’re too busy with

other girls.

  1. You answer her call; the first thing she says is

Where are you?

‘where are you?’

  1. Fail to buy her what she asked form you like a

party dress, a gold necklace, a flat screen, a skin

cream, perfume and buy a pair of shoes or a T-

shirt for yourself that will also create a cold war

between both of you.

  1. Make no mistake to call another girl your

cousin, because she already knows all your

relatives by heart.

  1. When you talk to her on phone for less than

5 minutes, she says you’re changing or your love


  1. Forget her birthday because of you weak

memory; that will sadden her for months and

months. Yet you’re also human and she can also

forget yours.

  1. She expects you to know all the colours of

her panties and bras.


Ladies, In relationships men expect you to act

like girlfriends, wives not like their MOTHERS



Please try to be patient and understand your

dude. Men are not God that they are so perfect,

they also make mistakes, they have weaknesses

and sometimes they also fail to fulfill your

desires. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you

or they are busy with other girls.

Always think twice before your judge and give up on your man.

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